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About Crosserlough Construction Ltd

Crosserlough Construction Ltd was founded in June 1990 by current acting Managing Director, Jim McGaughran. The company’s core focus was on residential contracting. It established itself in a short space of time as a leading company in county of Cavan, gaining a reputation of efficient time management and a having the highest quality of work. Thus where its slogan of ’Quality through Experience’ arises. In 1998, Crosserlough Construction undertook its first development site, building and selling 5no. Houses in Corlurgan, Cavan.

From there on, Crosserlough Construction scaled back its contracting department and put full emphasis on the development side of the business. Between the years of 2000 and 2007 the company developed approximately 175,300sqft, with developments ranging from 5no. Detached housing schemes too 42no. Housing schemes, and also a selection of commercial property including crèches and filling stations. With the recession of 2008 the company scaled back its developments, and sold any stock it owned, leaving itself in a strong position. Over the next number of years Crosserlough Construction focused on its contracting department of the business. It also undertook training and development programmes to leave it self poised for the return of developments throughout the country. During this time the company undertook extensive training in safety, management, and new regulations programmes, gaining membership of CIRI and the likes. In 2016 Crosserlough Construction purchased a number of sites in unfinished housing schemes throughout the midlands region and they proved very successful. This has led to the company believing that there is a strong and feasible market in select locations around the country. Crosserlough Construction envisions itself as becoming one of the leading residential development companies nationally over the next 5-10 years.